Mission & Philosophy

SCHOOL MISSION:  The mission of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School is to assist parents in the formation of their children as disciples of Jesus Christ through academic, spiritual, moral, social and physical education to become responsible Christian citizens in a global society.

SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY:  Saints Peter and Paul School provides a Catholic education to families in and around Boonville, Missouri. The quality education provided at the school is available to the entire community and focuses on the formation of the individual as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. Ss. Peter & Paul School believes that a solid academic education grows from Christian values taught and applied to every aspect of life. Ss. Peter & Paul School families are led by the commitments they make to God through The Stewardship Covenant Process. The three areas of stewardship are Faith, Time & Talent, and Treasure. The covenants are reciprocal and cooperative commitments lived out by parents, students and faculty to spread the gospel message.

Saints Peter and Paul School provides a safe learning environment in which qualified faculty strive to meet the academic, spiritual, moral, social, and physical needs of each student. Faculty endeavor to instill a love of and desire for learning in their students.

Ss. Peter & Paul School believes that parents are the primary role models and educators of their children. The school will assist parents in nurturing the God-given gifts of each student to ensure growth into a well-rounded individual. Recognizing each child’s unique abilities, the school strives to create a learning environment that promotes excellence through an emphasis on cooperation rather than competition. Ss. Peter & Paul School encourages strong academic achievement and emphasizes the following attributes to help children reach their potential:

  • Ambition for faith, prayer and service to others
  • Respect for self and others
  • Discipline through responsibility
  • Motivation through ownership of the learning process and our environment
  • Adaptability to the changing world and the needs of all learners
  • Curiosity to seek knowledge

With Christ, these attributes form a commitment to our faith community that allows the school to fulfill its mission…the formation of Disciples of Jesus Christ.